Johnny Winter Rush Bob Seger
Photos By Ken Davidoff
   Johnny Winter, Bob Seger, Geddy Lee and Rush 
         I would like to give “propper” credit, Gary Propper, that is. I met Gary in the early 70’s, while he was working for John Stolle, the owner of Fantasma Productions. Fantasma was one of the greatest Mom & Pop concert Promoters of the South East United States. These days you can hardly find a concert promoter that hasn’t gone corporate. Gary was in charge of making sure the artist or band made it to the venue on time, and I was his photographer of choice. All of the concerts in the West Palm Beach Auditorium that I photographed were Fantasma Productions, and what a line - up of talent they booked. The Bob Seger , Rush concert was just such an event, the place was packed to the rafters, with screaming fans, and I was leaning on the stage, ears ringing. This was probably the height of their careers, and the show was unbelievable. I went back stage after the show, and to my surprise there sat Ted Nugent and his 2 children, visiting with Geddy Lee, there are a few more back stage pics, I hope you enjoy them.
                                                                                                                  By Ken Davidoff
How I Met Johnny Winter 
     The first time I ever saw Johnny Winter play, I was the official photographer for the Palm Beach Pop Festival. It was Thanksgiving weekend 1969.The history of the Palm Beach festival is a long and complex tale, in a nutshell, it rained, it got cold & muddy, the local paper called it, ” Woodstock South “ Local, state & even federal forces played an important role in the story line. I was back stage, and I overheard Johnny’s manager negotiating the starting time of his set. He wanted to time it so Johnny started just as the sun went down, the first song was to be “ Johnny Be Good “ a Chuck Berry classic, and he really rocked it. By hanging around backstage, I made many new friends, including Teddy Slatus, Johnny Winter’s manager at the time. We got to be good friends.  I still have my copy of Second Winter, a unique 3 sided album ( the “B” side of the 2nd disc was blank)The next time I took J. W. pics, is when I got my shot that looks like his hair is on fire, it’s the one we use in our banner on the top of the website. Johnny liked this photo a lot, and ordered an 11x14 print. I’m partial to his slide playing, his Texas Blues style just blows me away.
                                                                                                                        by Ken Davidoff

Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer, Rush, Bob Seger

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Johnny Winter, Rush and Bob Seger West Palm Beach Classic Rock Concert Photos taken by Ken Davidoff