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Steve Krawczyn, Jack Connell, Chris Leuzinger
Mark Andes / Spirit at Palm Beach Pop Festival
Photos Ken Davidoff
Happy Jack 2010 and his 58' Strat
"PALM BEACH POP" 2010    Lyrics by  :   Richard Hott, Jack Connell, Ken Davidoff 

All Vocals, Rhythm Guitars -Jack Connell      Lead Guitar, Electric Sitar -Chris Leuzinger     Bass Guitar, Song Arrangment -Mark Andes    Drums and Percussions -Steve "Tner" Krawczyn

    This song is an amazing collaboration of musicians, with the lyrics, music, and main melody created by Jack Connell, a West Palm Beach native who also attended the Palm Beach Pop festival in 1969. Jack has been a hidden treasure in the local music scene, with musical friends in high places. On Bass guitar, Mark Andes (www.markandesmusic.com) Founding member of Spirit, Canned Heat, Jo Jo Gunne, Firefall, and a member of Heart, Stevie Nicks Band, plus many, many, more. On Lead, the most revered studio scession leader in Nashville, Chris Leuzinger. Chris is from West Palm as well, and started with Dobie Gray, "Drift Away", then on the road with Buffy St. Marie, Crystal Gayle for 13 years, and as a studio musician, is guitarist on every Garth Brooks album ever recorded, plus working with the likes of Kathy Mattea, Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Paycheck, Chet Atkins, Montgomery Gentry, Neil Diamond, Richie Furay plus many more. Steve "Tner" Krawczyn, an unbelievable drummer and percussionist, also played for Dobie Gray, in the band with Chris during the" Drift Away" days. He was also with Crystal Gayle, and has known Jack ever since he and Chris were in a band together in the late 60's and early 70's called "Peace and Quiet" in the West Palm Beach area. This production is really a few friends working together and having fun doing it. With each player spread out over the USA recording their own parts and sending them to Jack by way of the Web to produce the song, and mix and final product. With all that talent, get ready to get blown away. The thumping bass lines of Mark Andes, together with Chris' screaming colorful lead is a perfect blend to bring out Jacks vocals, and still let all the drums, and percussion to be heard. It is truely an amazing song, and tells the story of a Festival that almost never happened. Yes, that is a sitar you hear, Chris added his own little magical touch of the 60's to give us that flavor of Flower Power again. Hope you like it.
                                         by Ken Davidoff
Mark Andes Today
   "The Palm Beach Pop"  Lyrics
        By Richard Hott, Jack Connell, Ken Davidoff

In sixty-nine I cudda' been in a foxhole
When Lightnin' struck I was there at the crossroad
Peace and love was in the air,
The Sheriff didn't care.
he was pistol packin' nasty acting,
but still he didn't dare.

There were clouds of smoke,
dancing-floating high above the crowd.
Then a new day broke, the music spoke
the -notes- were all around. ........ 
  It started as a crap shoot to see how dice rolled,
The Palm Beach Pop Cudda been a Big No-Show.

hippie ministers plead the case carry on the faith
all the time bands of angels were guarding at the gates.
cold and rain couldn't stop the show,
from going on like a wonder of creation.

There was a time
we had it all
cause it was big
but it was small
and it was part
yet it was whole
(and) though it was hard
still it had soul
so we recall
our love was all
at the Palm Beach
Pop Palm Beach Pop Festival

Special Thanks! for helping with the song:

Gary Galbraith Nextdoorstudio's Palm Beach, Fl. -  Really helped alot with the mix.
Steve "Tner"Krawczyn (Drums)- helped in the percussion mix, great ears!
Tim Daenzer  Luthier -made Jack's guitars perfect for the song.
Kaufman and Daenzer Instruments-support and supplier of parts, Thank you Chris and Kevin.
Rob Corrieri - Technical Assist for Mark Andes along with other contributions.
Steve "Tner"" Krawczyn visits Jaxtraxs and Plays Jack's Drums
Chris Leuzinger/ Peace and Quiet
Steve "Tner" Krawczyn / Peace and Quiet
Chris Leuzinger /Crystal Gayle Band

Ken Davidoff and John Lennon
                     photo by Bob Davidoff

Oldrockphoto Short Film Music with Bassist Mark Andes of Spirit, Heart, Firefall and Guitarist Chris Leuzinger from Garth Brooks