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Musicians on The Palm Beach Pop Song

Mark Ande's Website -Bass
Steve Krawczyn's Website- Drums and Percussions
Chris Leuzinger's Website- Lead Guitars and Sitar
Jack Connell's Website-Vocals and Rhythm Guitars

Palm Beach Pop Links

   Arthur Blessitt  "The Hippie Minister" Yes The one in the Song Above -Ron Schneider's "Me and The Rolling Stones"-Former Tour Manager of The Rolling Stones  - The Rolling Stones Personal Manger During The 69' Tour Look For Sam's New Book "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

Check Out "Real World Magic"
Mark Andes first solo album is here!
Check Out the CD is "Sometimes Life Is Fair" is available now at  it's Leigh Stephens ( Blue Cheer) 1st CD project in 7 years. He is  teamed up with singer / songwriter Tracey Adamis and has produced, arranged and played on all the tracks. All the songs are original.  Leigh has posted samples of all the songs at Tracey's website. Take a little time and check it out.

Leigh Stephens

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