John Lennon  "The Lost Weekend" 

  John Lennon, May Pang and son Julian Lennon
visit Disneyworld.
This was The Lost Weekend

Later On John Lennon and Yoko bought a home in Palm Beach
Photos by Bob Davidoff
  John Lennon Shows up in Palm Beach
My Father came home from work one night and asked me if I would like to go on a photo assignment with him the next day to photograph John Lennon, of course he knew the answer before he asked the question, it was just his sense of humor. I don't think I slept very much that night, the anticipation was overwhelming. This was John's first time in Palm Beach, we got the assignment from The Palm Beach Daily News. I was supposed to shoot color slides, and my Dad would shoot the black and white for the paper. When we got there John was poolside with his son Julian, they were just back from Disney World in Orlando for the first time, with a woman that neither my Father nor I could identify. " Who is that, that's not Yoko, who is this woman with John that we can't identify?" ( It was May Pang, Yoko's secretary ) "I  don't know Dad, I've never seen this woman before." We were so freaked out, we knew we had some special John Lennon Photos. We broke the story to People Magazine and as it turns out, we were the ones to come up with the first photos of the event that John Lennon, and Beatle fans all over the world call "The Lost Weekend ". It  was  the fans great hope that Yoko was out of the picture and the Beatles would get back together again. This was one of the most memorable photo shoots I ever had, I still carry a picture of me and John in my wallet, I got to speak with him briefly, he was so down to Earth it was amazing, not the celeb he could have acted like. This was one time I was totally star struck. On a return trip to Palm Beach with Yoko, I was able to meet John again, he was shopping on Worth Ave. with Yoko, there were people peering in to a shop window and I knew something was going on, I knew John was in town so I had an 8x10 of us together  all ready to be autographed. I ran back to the studio, which was only a few blocks away, and grabbed the photo. I walked into the store, and up to John, holding out the photo. Surprisingly, he did not remember when it was taken, I explained it was taken in a bad time in his life, he  had  broken up with Yoko at the time. He gave a little acknowledging nod and said "oh ", and invited me to their new house in Palm Beach, to show him the rest of the photos taken that day. When I knocked on the door, he answered it himself, I gave him a set of proofs, and that's the last time I saw John Lennon. Sadly all of my color slides were destroyed.
         By Ken Davidoff

The crowd files out
The flowers I brought
The front gate
Inside the grounds
John Lennon is Gone
People gather at the John Lennon Home
The crowd across the street
In front of the house
John Lennon's Memorial, at His Palm Beach Home
The day that I found out that John Lennon was shot, I decided to go to his home in Palm Beach, and leave some flowers at the gate. Not to my surprise there were hundreds of people gathered at the property, the groundskeeper realized that the crowd was getting out of hand. The street was packed, and the local police were giving out parking tickets left and right. We were all allowed to come onto the property, and were led to the pool area. People just stood around and cried, pretty soon the groundskeeper lead everyone in a prayer. He let everyone stay a little longer to gather their thoughts, and say their own prayer. Everyone left in a slow sad silent march out the front gate. I went back to leave flowers every year thereafter, until Yoko sold the house. A light that shone brightly had left the planet.
By Ken Davidoff
  Photos By Bob Davidoff, Stories By Ken Davidoff 
    Photos by Ken Davidoff

Ken Davidoff and John Lennon
in Palm Beach
Ken Davidoff and John Lennon
in Palm Beach during The Lost Weekend

John Lennon Classic Rock Photos from The Lost Weekend in Palm Beach
Classic Rock Photos of May Pang, Julian Lennon in Palm Beach, with father John Lennon
Classic Rock Photos of The Lost Weekend with John Lennon at Palm Beach
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