Elvis Presley West Palm Beach 

Elvis Presley at The West Palm Beach Auditorium 2/13/77

  Photos by Ken Davidoff
Elvis  at W.P.B.
    The Elvis concert at the West Palm Beach Auditorium was amazing, My Dad and I went with a client who wanted her own photos of the concert. We went to the airport first to take pics of his plane, The Lisa Marie, then we went to the motel where he was staying. It was crazy, my Dad's client took us in her limo, when we arrived at the motel the crowd thought that Elvis was just getting there, they mobbed us, then they saw who it was, oops. We took photos of the King getting into his limo, then jammed over to the auditorium. It was girls gone wild, yelling and screaming, fighting and pushing for a scarf, well not just any scarf, it was directly from The KING. The auditorium was packed, it was hard for me to get very close, lucky for me I had my Nikon 85-250 telephoto lens. This monster weighed a ton, I had to arch my back just to look through the lens, but it was well worth it, This performance was  to be one of his last, he passed away just 6 months later. Elvis put on a great show, the crowd ate it up, This was late in his career and he was a little forgetful, reading some lyrics from a sheet to sing a song, that was a little strange to see, but he was the one and only, Elvis. At the  end of the show the announcer boomed over the P. A. " Elvis has left the building." This was one performance that will remain unforgettable.
By Ken Davidoff


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