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Zed Bennett - during interview with Jack Connell for The Miami Pop Festival Documentary-Zed was the artist of The Miami Poster and Liquid Light Show Producer at The 1968 Miami Pop Festival.
All Photos Ken Davidoff

CLICK for 1969 Palm Beach Pop Festival Documentary Trailer by Jack Connell/Ken Davidoff, Photos of Ken by Bob Davidoff, other photos by Ken Davidoff, Music by Jack Connell, Mark Andes, Steve Krawzyn, Chris Leuzinger, Richard Hott from the song "Palm Beach Pop"

Oldrockphoto Documentary of The Miami Pop Festival and The Palm Beach Pop Festival
  When we started Oldrockphoto in 2008 we were very ambitious, starting two documentaries at once. A film about the 1968 Miami Pop Festival, and the 1969 Palm Beach Pop Festival. Our timing was all wrong.the economy was at an all time low, and crowd funding was just starting. It did'nt go well at all. Still, we have tried to capture the history of these festivals and produced a short film for Palm Beach and instead of a Miami Pop Festival film, we do have a fantastic book that tells the story of Miami Pop. We appreciate all of the people that helped us get done what we could, but making a full length doc or writing a history of the Palm Beach Pop Festival is quite a stretch right now.
                                    Thank You, Ken and Jack