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Understanding Copyright and Photography.

     To keep it simple, whoever creates the image and owns either a negative, slide, or electronic file is the person that owns the copyright.This extends through the life of the photographer and can even be passed down through the family. This protects the photographer from anyone else making copies of there work. Some people just don't get this concept, saying" I bought this photograph, So I can do anything I want to with it", well that not quite true! Yes, you purchased this image for  x amount of $, AND YOU COULD VERY WELL SELL IT AT A PROFIT( Ken's work is always increasing in value ), That's not a problem. The problem would be the purchaser making copies of the image, AND SELLING THOSE FOR A PROFIT. THAT'S WHEN YOU HEAR FROM MY ATTORNEY.
Thank you for your purchase, please tell your friends, and come back often.

     The Webmaster, OLDROCKPHOTO

Our Attorney Richard Hott with John McDermott -Authentic Hendrix
Being The Webmaster of and our other sites, and, has been a great opportunity to use content and photos to fill a website, that is non-ending as you can see. Believe me there is still more. Ken Davidoff and I have been real good friends since 1972 and are both familiar with alot of the same friends. This has been wonderful time bringing everyone together once again for great memories.
               Jack Connell
Jack Connell- Owner/Producer/Webmaster email
  We are looking for any one who attended, played as a musician, or worked at either The Miami Pop Festival, or The Palm Beach Pop Festival. We have archived these events, but you are the real story. Please help my photos come to life with your stories, tell us what happened to you. Please take the time to write some thing in our BLOGS or send us an e mail and let us tell your story. Who knows, you might wind up in our documentary.  By Ken Davidoff
     I was the official photographer for the Palm Beach Pop Festival back in 1969, and have had the images boxed up in my closet for almost 40 years. By an amazing set of circumstances, and serendipity, I was put in the position to take stock of what I've archived over the years. I decided to put these images up on a website. I went to a long time friend, and web savvy musician, Jack Connell. We formed a partnership to publish my work on the internet. At first we put everything all on one site, KOOAK  but that got out of hand, so we decided to branch out. At that point we realized that P.B. Pop was more than just a collection of photos, it was a representation of ROCK HISTORY, from that time on we have treated it like we were raising a child. The Palm Beach Pop Festival proved to be quite a task, I took over 22, thirty six exposure rolls of film. Jack and I put up over two hundred images to look at, and we reached out to all of our friends, to see if they went, so we could get their story. We became the documentarians of the history of the most important musical event to ever happen in Palm Beach County, Florida. We are dedicated to this project, and have spent the better part of two years working on it. Please help us if you can, don't be shy, write in our blog. Email us any still photos you may have from P.B. Pop, or Miami Pop we are putting out a call for any movie footage that you have of either of these events. We are doing documentaries on both. Both of these festivals are very important, Miami Pop was Michael Lang's road to Woodstock, and Palm Beach Pop was the last peaceful concert of the Sixties, after P. B. Pop came Altamount. By Ken Davidoff

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