Allman Bros, BB King, Dickie Betts
  Photos by Ken Davidoff
        The Allman Bros. with Berry Oakley       
          and Dickie Betts Great Southern         
   Allman Brothers  
     The first time I Photographed the Allman Brothers at the Miami Beach convention center, I shot color slide film, the next concert was West Palm, and I brought my slides in a plastic sheet to show them. After the concert, I went to the backstage exit, the Allman Brothers were just coming out. "Check these out " and I held the slides up to the street light. Wow, I got a great reaction, " Can you come back to the hotel? " Dickie asked. "Sure", I replied, my Cousin Joel, and my Brother Michael, were with me at the time, we were freaked to party with the Allman Brothers, Soon everyone began to mingle, and we felt comfortable. That night, both Berry Oakley, and Greg, ordered photographs from me, unfortunately, the next time that I saw the Allmans, Berry had passed, in a motorcycle accident, very sad. The Allmans are one of my all time favorites, when I hear the opening notes for Whipping Post, I GET GOOSE BUMPS. Once in Miami, I was on stage photographing the band, and the stage manager said to me, "get this shot of Greg playing guitar" I said, "turn up the lights, there is not enough to shoot with." The lights came up, and I got the shot. No band today, can replicate the energy that the Allman Brothers put out in their heyday.                   By Ken Davidoff

          B. B. King
What a treat, I was going to this tiny venue, it held, maybe a couple of hundred people at the most, to hear B. B. King. It was a very small room, I didn't even have to get up from my seat to take pictures. B.B. was as smoothe as silk, one thing I noticed is that he didn't  play and sing at the same time. As amazing as his playing was, his facial expressions were just fantastic, a photographers dream. He didn't have to sing at that particular moment, you could read it in  his face. The second time I saw him, I actually got to go back stage. What a humble man, full of love for his fans, I even got him to sign a few prints.              
By Ken Davidoff   

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